What We're Doing

Wind, Solar and Energy Storage Projects

Our Projects

Source Energie is developing large scale offshore wind energy projects in Irish, UK and Norwegian waters. The projects will deploy a mix of fixed foundation and floating turbine technologies. Electrical grid connection strategies are an inherent part of the project development process. Source is also developing large scale Hydrogen based energy storage solutions to firm up availability of project energy from all of its projects.

Source is also developing onshore solar projects in the UK, and the United States, and is developing a range of battery storage projects which provide both balancing and grid ancillary services.

Project Development Priorities

  1. Siting wind projects further offshore for higher wind speeds and removing visible and environmental impact.
  2. Securing supply side partnerships for deep fixed and floating offshore suppliers and infrastructure
  3. Co-location of solar with storage to enhance dispatchability of projects
  4. Work closely with all environment, grid, industry and local partners
  5. Clear risk management process to ensure high success rate for initiated projects

Core Strengths

Technology Deployment


Project Development

Operations and Maintenance