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Mac Lir Offshore Wind Farm


Source Galileo is currently investigating the feasibility of developing the Mac Lir Offshore Wind Farm. The proposed project area is located 22km off the coast of counties Wicklow and Wexford with the most northerly point situated off the coast of Arklow Town. The area has been selected far offshore in order to reduce potential visual and environmental impacts whilst enabling stronger wind resources to be harnessed.

Mac Lir Offshore Wind Farm

As the project is aligned with national renewable energy and climate mitigation policies, it has the potential to help Ireland meet national, European and international commitments whilst also supporting local supply chain, employment opportunities and community benefits.

Bird and marine mammal surveys commenced in September 2021 and Source Galileo are planning further site investigations in order to better understand the environmental and physical characteristics of the 174sqkm offshore area.

The outputs from these studies will inform the design of the wind farm which has a potential capacity of up to 1,000 MW (1 GW) of renewable energy, enough to power up to 1 million homes while also helping to address the climate and energy security crisis.

The process of proactive public consultation, engagement and communication with the local
community, statutory consultees and interested parties will underpin and inform Source Galileo’s approach to developing the Mac Lir Offshore Wind Farm.

Mac Lir – Indicative Project Timeline

From this early stage through to a prospective operations phase and production of renewable
energy, the proposed project is expected to follow the indicative timeline below.


Appoint Fishery Liaison Officer and commence environmental surveys


Stakeholder engagement and ongoing environmental surveys


Maritime Area Consent (MAC) application, public consultation and engagement


Grant of Maritime Area Consent (MAC), public consultation and engagement


Pre-application consultation ahead of submission of planning application to An Bord Pleanála


Planning application to An Bord Pleanála, public consultation and engagement


Planning permission granted by An Bord Pleanála


Commence construction, public consultation and engagement


Offtake connection


First energy generated, continued public consultation and engagement

Note: timelines may change due to external factors outside the control of Source Galileo.

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